County Party Elected Positions

In odd numbered years we hold elections for county party elected positions. The more voices actively involved in sharing their visions for moving the party forward, the more we can make sure we are learning to serve the diverse needs in our community. Any local Democrat can run for these positions, and is highly encouraged to consider doing so.

Precinct Chair
The precinct is where elections are won and lost. The role of a Precinct Chair is one of the most important of any elected office. They serve as a bridge between voters and the Democratic Party. Some of the duties that entails are helping register people to vote, ensuring information about issues and candidates reaches voters in their precincts, identifying local Democrats and recruiting new members, and turning out the vote on election day. Unfilled positions may be filled by appointment, so if you’re not familiar with your local precinct chair, it likely means we could use your help. This is our area of greatest need-if you’re at all interested in serving in this role, please reach out today!

The Chair of the DPCC is responsible for presiding over meetings, organizing and bringing together the local community, representing the party to candidates, elected official, and local, state, and national Democratic organizations. The Chair is also responsible for performing basic election administrative duties as laid in out county and DPNM bylaws. The Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee.

Vice Chair
The Vice Chair is responsible for assisting the Chair in all of the above duties, as well as presiding over all meetings of the organization when the Chair is unable to do so. The Vice Chair may have other powers and duties as are granted by express resolution of the organization of as provided in the bylaws. The Vice Chair is also an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee.

The Secretary keeps the minutes of the proceedings of meetings of the organization. They are responsible for custody of all books, records, and papers of the organization except those in the custody of the Treasurer or of some other person authorized to have custody and possession by resolution of the organization. The Secretary is also responsible for all correspondence.

The Treasurer keeps account of all of the income and expenses of the party. They ensure all financial obligations are met to ensure party operations continue uninterrupted. The Treasurer is also responsible for submitting an account of these transactions at all regular meetings, as well as ensuring financial reports are submitted in a timely manner in accordance with state and federal campaign finance laws.

State Central Committee Members
SCC Members are determined by county according to voter turnout. Number of apportioned delegates in each county may therefore fluctuate after each General Election. SCC Members are the voting body of DPNM, electing state party leadership as well as determining the platforms the party will put forward. Commitments include attending both a spring and fall SCC meeting for two consecutive years. While previously the meetings have been in person, since the pandemic virtual absentee ballots have been how meetings have conducted regular business, expanding accessibility to those who may not have the ability to travel across the state.

There are also several positions that keep the party running that are appointed by the Chair. In the event an election is unable to be held for any of the above positions, the Chair may also in special circumstances as governed by our bylaws appoint someone to fill the need. Appointed positions expire at the end of the regular term and must then be filled by the regular election cycle.