Congrats to our new City Council Members!

After a long, hard fought campaign, results poured in Tuesday night for the Roswell municipal elections.  Democrats picked up 3 city council seats for the first time in what seems a generation.  As far back in my lifetime, and I’m 29 at the date of this blog, this has never been done so this is momentous to say the least breaking through a Republican stronghold.  Yes, municipal elections are supposed to be non-partisan; however, as the local newspaper published each candidate’s party affiliation, I feel even more compelled to congratulate our fellow Democrats on an unexpected victory!  I have confidence they will serve our community well and to the best of their abilities.  I also congratulate the others who won as well and for running clean campaigns.  I do believe in working together beyond party lines for the better of the community, so let’s so! – PWR


Welcome to the new website for the Democratic Party of Chaves County!  We recently created this page as of March 2018, so it’s still undergoing maintenance but we’ll do our best to keep it as up to date as possible.

“Divided there is little we can do.  United there is little we cannot do.” — John F. KennedyIn Memory of Tim