Congrats to our new City Council Members!

After a long, hard fought campaign, results poured in Tuesday night for the Roswell municipal elections.  Democrats picked up 3 city council seats for the first time in what seems a generation.  As far back in my lifetime, and I’m 29 at the date of this blog, this has never been done so this is momentous to say the least breaking through a Republican stronghold.  Yes, municipal elections are supposed to be non-partisan; however, as the local newspaper published each candidate’s party affiliation, I feel even more compelled to congratulate our fellow Democrats on an unexpected victory!  I have confidence they will serve our community well and to the best of their abilities.  I also congratulate the others who won as well and for running clean campaigns.  I do believe in working together beyond party lines for the better of the community, so let’s so! – PWR

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