About Us

Located in southeastern New Mexico, we seek to inspire and inform fellow Democrats from across the county to engage in the political process. No matter your background, we welcome anyone who has an open mind, open heart; who’s willing to fight for change and progress. Although we are partisan and our mission is to promote Democrats, we still believe that everyone should be involved and everyone should exercise their right to vote and be heard. If change is what you seek and progress is what you value, then please join us!
We meet the fourth Monday of each month-in normal times at Cerritos Restaurant in Roswell-but during the COVID Pandemic we are currently meeting via zoom.

We’d love to have you join us in whatever way you can. For those who can join zoom meetings, message us for the link. Please note that zoom meetings can be joined with only a phone-no computer or webcam necessary. For those unable to join monthly meetings, we do provide updates via email to make sure everyone who wants to follow along with what the party is up to can do so.

2021-2023 DPCC Elected Leadership:

  • Chair: Najila-Riyadh Tolentino
  • Vice Chair: Alicia Gilmore
  • State Central Committee:
    Travis Ackerman
    Jimi Gadzia
    Dan Johnson
    Flo Wells