About Us

Located in southeastern New Mexico, we seek to inspire and inform fellow Democrats from across the county to engage in the political process. No matter your background, we welcome everyone who has an open mind and heart; who’s willing to fight for change and progress. Our mission is to promote Democrats, fair and equal treatment for all, we believe everyone should be involved and everyone is entitled to exercise their right to vote and be heard. If change is what you seek and progress is what you value, come join us!

We meet the first Wednesday of each month, the meeting begins at 6:30pm but a bit of socializing and catching up happens from 6-6:30pm.

Regular Monthly Business Meetings

We meet in the back room of Stellar Coffee (park in the rear), 315 N Main St, and try to keep the meeting to within an hour. The meeting is also offered over Zoom during these times of COVID-19.

To be sent the closed Zoom invite you must either be on our email list already, or request one prior to the day of the meeting. The Zoom portion is “closed” and requires pre-registration to prevent any shenanigans from bad faith actors. Please send us your name, address and the email you wish us to add to our list if it is not the one you are using to email us with, to be added to our email list at chavescountydems@gmail.com. Once we have confirmed you are a registered Democrat, we will be happy to send you the link to register for our next meeting over Zoom.

You are welcome to join us in whatever fashion you are able and willing to. For those unable to attend monthly meetings, we have another monthly event: See below! or you can visit any one of our Social Media pages: FB, IG, or Twitter, for opportunities to get involved in the community with activities, events, protests, social movements, government council meetings, school board meetings, etc. The FB page has a link to our Google Calendar.

It is important that our focus be on electing Democratic leaders locally, in the state and very importantly right now nationally. We must do all we can to get the vote out, get people registered, and help people to understand how much is at stack with this this 2022 Mid-term election. Losing control of the House of Representatives or the Senate cannot happen. Not voting is not an option when the result will be losing the right to vote entirely. Democracy, Women’s right to choose medical decisions, contraception, same sex marriage may all be on the ballot this November and your votes are more important today than they were three months ago.

So help get people registered to vote. Help Democrats locally by being a Precinct Chair and talking to your neighborhoods. Help by being the voice for change.

Coffee Klatch Meet & Greet’s

The Democratic Party of Chaves County has established a monthly social time for Democrats, openminded individuals, and those in search of their ideological home, to come meet others in a welcoming and free from judgement environment. We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Also located in the back room or Stellar Coffee, (park in the rear) 315 N Main St. We provide complimentary coffee, but if that’s not your thing, bring your own drink/snack. Mostly bring a friend!

Open discussions, mingle, move around between tables, inside to outside and informally get to know each others stories. We want Democrats to meet other Democrats.

We are also trying to help the Community Kitchen by having anyone who wants to bring a canned good and leave it in the box provided. It will be delivered the following morning by either the Chair or Vice Chair. This is not required but is appreciated.

2021-2023 DPCC Elected Leadership:

  • Chair: Sarah McArthur
  • Vice Chair: Alicia Gilmore
  • Secretary: Judy Stubbs
  • Treasurer: Bonnie Bitzer
  • State Central Committee:
    Travis Ackerman
    Jimi Gadzia
    Dan Johnson
    Flo Wells